Motivation and Mission (Don’t Let Them Get Away With Murder)


by Jasiri X

This year, I spent Valentine’s Day with the parents of Trayvon Martin at the Day of Remembrance for their murdered son. It was both painful and powerful to hear his family not only speak about their loss, but also encourage us to get involved in the movement that was borne from their tremendous sacrifice. Being with his family made the news of the Justice Department’s decision to not press charges against George Zimmerman even more heartbreaking. Despite Zimmerman’s history of racial profiling, identifying an innocent Trayvon as someone “up to no good,” his outright ignoring of instructions from the dispatch not to follow Trayvon, and his previous and current criminal history, they decided to let him get away with murder.

On March 1st, in Los Angeles, another disturbing video emerged of the LAPD shooting and killing a homeless man. The day before, another Black man was killed by police in the St Louis area

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